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Standard Capacitor

Year 2005, we introduced an upgraded standard capacitor for the first time in India. This capacitor was designed by the R & D unit & it contains some unique features. We manufacture indigenous standard capacitor for capacitance & tan bridge up to 200 KV & offer customized products our clients. These products are available in competitive prices & are known for their performance.

These are some of the important features

  • As a Standard Capacitor (Reference) for tan delta measurements.
  • The capacitor is manufactured with state of the art technology.
  • Reliable, rugged and maintenance free.
  • Generally PD free up to 80% of the rated Voltage.

Technical Specifications (for 100 kV)

  • Nominal capacitance : 50 pF.
  • Tan delta : < 1 x 10-5.
  • Dielectric used : SF6 Gas.
  • Operating temperature : 0-55°C.
  • Maximum Height : 1200mm.
  • Maximum Weight ( Maximum) : 120 Kg.
  • Value accuracy : ± 0.1% throughout the voltage range.
  • Dimension : Outer diameter 450mm with corona free ring 560mm.
  • Portability : Trolley should be provided for movement of capacitor.
  • Voltage Rating Maximum: 50KV, 100KV, 150KV, Up to 200KVRMS. (Depending on Model).