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Transformer Winding Resistance Meter

Transformer Winding Resistance Meter is designed to measure the winding resistance of transformers, Inductors, generators and motor windings, Tap changers etc. special models are designed for highly inductive objects like 440kV/ 220kV power transformers. Special care is taken for measuring 3 phase transformers to avoid climbing on transformers for safe & fast measurements. This TWRM gives very fast readings for 3 phase star- delta any combination transformers. The open circuit 30 Volts DC supply ensures that core of the transformer is saturated for fast measurements to be taken. Care is taken to absorb the back emf of such transformers. For user safety, Indication for discharge is provided, if the current is discontinued.

Regular models with provision for temperature conversion for standard copper comparison as well as 750C reading for CT/ PT manufacturer is also available. Instrument has built in 1 Amp, 0.1Amp & 0.01 Amp .


  • Direct, high accuracy resistance reading.
  • True four terminal measurement.
  • 3 ½ digit Digital display.
  • Light weight & Portable.
  • Resolution of 1 micro ohm.
  • Simultaneous measurements of voltage & current.
  • Line voltage interference suppression, making instrument most suitable.
  • Built in 1/10/100-A DC source as per the models.
  • Suitable for operation in live switchyard conditions for field applications.

Technical Specification

  • Resistance Range : 1.999 mW to 199.9 W.
  • Indication : 3 ½ DPM
  • Accuracy : ±1% ± 1 Digit.
  • Resolution : 1 m W.
  • Warm up time : One minute
  • Weight : Approx. 10 Kgs.
  • Power Supply : 230VAC ± 15%, 50Hz Single 3 Phase.
  • Dimensions : 335 x 345 x 175mm ± 10mm (App.).

Special models for CT/PT manufacturers provision for temperature conversion for standard copper comparison( room temperature ) as well as 75°C reading are also available.