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I.R. Tester

We are engaged in manufacturing series of insulation resistance testers that are designed to test electronic components such as paper capacitors, plastic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, insulators, semi conductors, switches, connectors, power transformers, motors and many more. These testers have been used for checking insulation resistance in the range of 1 Meg OHM to 500 Meg OHM & 500 G OHM.


  • Battery operated / Mains Operated.
  • Highly stabilized power supply.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Operates well even in induction field.
  • Quick setting.
  • Technical Specifications.
  • Maximum short circuit current : < 2mA.
  • Test Voltage : 500V, 1KV,2.5KV & 5KV DC.
  • High Voltage Tester.
  • Accuracy : As per IS 2992 (± 5%).
  • ± 3% (Or different models with different voltages).
  • Since Battery operated, independent of speed.
  • No mechanical part therefore no wear & tear, hence more life.
  • Insulation Resistance Range : 500 Meg OHM & 500 G OHM ( for mains operated models, it can be up to 106 E M OHM).