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Harmonic Filters / Reactors

The essential use of power capacitor is to save power by improving PF of the system, one can save the penalty's electricity units & bills However harmonics are generated in the factories due to thyristorised switching / motors / AC - DC drives furnaces etc. The life of capacitor gets badly affected,as the power capacitor deteorates / fails due to this extra harmonic current , the pF of the system gets affected. Need arises to change the power capacitor again & again. To avoid this one can use this harmonic filter reactor.

The use of this reactor not only saves the power capacitor but also enhances its life. The ultimate effect is continuous good pF sustention. The similar effect can happen due to self resonant of the power capacitors with the system load there by creating adverse effects such as:

  • High voltage spike in the electrical field changing other components / instruments / appliances in the system.
  • Reduction in the capacitor life due to over loading.
  • Distortion in the electrical network.
  • Interference created due to these surges affecting computer, control system & other electrical / electronic appliances.