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Destruction Test Set

The capacitor industry involves various types of process in manufacturing of the capacitor elements. The mass production, high market competition, need for quality product and even increasing demand have asked for easy to operate and speedy equipments. The instrument destruction test set is specifically designed for functioning of the capacitor at high voltage test. For easy and fast testing digital panel meters are provided which gives accurate reading and easy to operate controls even for a non-skilled operator. The instrument is designed considering the necessary standards for high voltage testing. The instrument works on mains supply and is housed in a metallic cabinet powder coated. All the controls mounted on the front panel are easy to operate and clear viewing. The destruction test set has been specially designed to meet the specific requirement of high voltage testing with high current capacity. The equipment has voltage up to 5kVAC and 7.5kVDC.


  • Electronics overload Trip current for DC test at 300mA.
  • 5 Seconds and 10 Seconds selectable timer with indication.
  • 3 Minutes timer with indication.
  • Fast tripping FOR DC up to 300mA.
  • Digital indication of AC/DC voltage.
  • Zero start operation.

Technical Specifications:

DC Output Voltage

  • Output Voltage : 7.5 kV DC.
  • Indication : ½ Digital Voltmeter.
  • Accuracy : ± 3 % ± 1Digit.
  • Output Current : 300mA .
  • Indication : 3 ½ Digital Ammeter.
  • Accuracy : ± 3 % ± 1Digit.
  • Timer Indication : 5 sec and 10 sec selectable timer.
  • Trip Circuit : A built in electronics circuit trips the dc supply whenever capacitor breaks down or any short circuit occurs.

AC Output Voltage

  • Output Voltage : 540V, 570V, 670V, 860V Output Voltage Taps.
  • Indication : 3 ½ Digital Voltmeter.
  • Accuracy : ± 3 % ± 1Digit .
  • Output Current : 50A.
  • Indication : 3 ½ Digital Ammeter.
  • Accuracy : ± 3 % ± 1Digit.
  • Timer Indication : 3 minute timer.

Protection :

540V, 570V, 670V, 860V Output Voltage TapsAC Output Voltage.

Dimension :

1400 X 550 X 620mm.

Weight :

800 kg (approx.).